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Game changing agri-tech developed at the ESA BIC UK

The support received from the ESA BIC UK and being part of STFC’s community has been incredibly useful. Not only the access to facilities and laboratory space but the technical and business support received has been fantastic. The opportunity to work alongside astronomers, engineers, as well as 3D printing and prototyping experts has been invaluable to our business. The Crover vision is to build a global business, which is focused on environmental and social impact.

Lorenzo Conti, Founder and Managing Director, Crover


Science and business co-location leads to revolutionary technology to improve Earth observation

For innovation to happen, the important thing is to get bright people in the same room having conversations about the projects they’re passionate about.


We were very impressed with what the space engineers had achieved, and it was exciting that Razorbill Instruments could offer one of the final pieces of the jigsaw puzzle to help them realise the huge potential of their nanosatellite. This project is a great example of the great outcomes that can be sparked by a chance encounter over a cup of tea”

Alex Ward, Managing Director, Razorbill Instruments

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