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Craft Prospect feature in Great British Lift Off

From live links to the International Space Station to cleaning up space junk, the Great British Lift Off podcast series covered it!

STFC was delighted to sponsor the podcast, hosted by Broadcaster Kim McAllister and space expert Dr Murray Collins, which brought in various people from the thriving UK space sector.

Episode ‘How do I make mine a space company?’ featured Alan Cross of STFC and ESA, Joanna Hart of STFC and Sonali Mohapatra of Craft Prospect. Fresh from her PhD on the physics of black holes, Sonali has joined Craft Prospect to develop quantum technologies and talks all about her journey and passion for all things relates to space innovation and quantum.

Craft Prospect is a former Higgs Business Incubation Centre company. Listen to the episode here:

Full Great British Lift Off series:


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