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Scotland’s space sector continues to grow and thrive

(Image Credit: European Space Agency/NASA)

Findings from the latest ‘Size and Health of the UK Space Industry’ report reveals the sector is thriving in Scotland with a 31% increase in space companies

The UK’s space sector has seen growth in jobs and income while investing more in research and development, leaving it well-placed to grow strongly as we recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, Science Minister Amanda Solloway announced today. Findings from the latest ‘Size and Health of the UK Space Industry’ report, commissioned by the UK Space Agency and delivered by, show the sector supports a highly skilled and productive workforce that’s growing across the country. Scotland’s thriving space sector saw a 31% increase in space companies, up from 132 to 173, employing 7703. The Higgs Centre for Innovation is well-placed to support this thriving sector through the history and sector strengths of the site, and can support start-ups and SMEs through business incubation and access to space testing facilities. Other statistics for 2018/19, compared to the previous survey from 2016/17:

  • Income has risen from £15.6 billion to £16.4 billion, representing growth of 5.7% (or 2.8% per annum) in real terms

  • Employment is up by 3,200 from 41,900 to 45,100

  • R&D investment now sits at £702m, up 18% and 5 times the national average intensity

  • Gross Value Added is up from £6 billion to £6.6 billion, representing growth of 10.1% (or 5.0% per annum)

  • Over £360 billion worth of wider UK economic activity is now supported by satellites, up from £300 billion

The number of organisations engaged in space-related activity in the UK has increased from 948 to 1,218, which includes 95 new space-related companies established in the UK during the two year period. View article and report from the UK Space Agency


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