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STFC supports UK business in ensuring their technology is NASA compliant

Facilities and expertise at the Higgs Centre for Innovation are used by Scottish company Alpha Data to rigorously test their electronic boards.


Alpha Data offers a range of cutting-edge electronics and electronic boards that can provide solutions to space-related challenges. To achieve the necessary certification for launch, vibration testing is a crucial step in developing the technology readiness levels of these electronics. Alpha Data was eager to conduct vibration testing on their flagship boards and products.

Given the various launch configurations and payload setups within the launch cone, gaining a deeper understanding of how Alpha Data’s boards responded to these tests was key to understanding what types of launch envelopes would be possible. However, finding easy access to the setup, equipment, and expertise required for adequate testing and verification was a key challenge to overcome.


Alpha Data was able to rigorously test their board according to the strict NASA standards at the Science and Technology Facilities Council’s Higgs Centre for Innovation.


The Higgs Centre for Innovation enabled Alpha Data to easily access the facilities and expertise required to conduct the necessary testing. The tests were conducted under vibration conditions typical of a low Earth orbit space launch, as well as in excess of further in-atmosphere rugged deployment environments.

The results confirmed that the board remained fully operational even after being exposed to such challenging conditions. The successful compliance marks a significant milestone for Alpha Data and its customers.

“The support of the team at the STFC Higgs Centre for Innovation throughout the entire process was exceptional, and it was clear that they were up to the task. From the initial enquiry stage to the testing itself, the team was incredibly helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. The coordination and scheduling of the test were flawless, and the team went above and beyond to ensure that everything ran smoothly. The testing itself was a resounding success, and I have no doubt that this was due in large part to the expertise and dedication of the team.”

Adewale Adetomi, Digital Design Engineer, Alpha Data


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