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Who we are

The Higgs Centre for Innovation is a business-focussed facility in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh, for supporting startups and SMEs working in the space and data-intensive sectors, and encouraging collaboration between researchers, engineers and post-graduate students.

Based at the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh and operated by STFC, The Higgs Centre for Innovation brings together world-class research in astronomy and particle physics and the instrumentation expertise that underpins it, with business incubation facilities and laboratories suitable for commercial use.


Scientists, engineers and students interact and collaborate to improve our understanding of the Universe and will engage with companies both big and small to drive technological advancement forward.


The UK Astronomy Technology Centre (UK ATC) is a national centre of excellence for the development of scientific instrumentation and facilities for ground- and space-based astronomy.


Based at the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh, and operated by STFC it has a world class reputation for delivering innovative and capable cameras, spectrometers and even turnkey telescope systems.


The Royal Observatory

The UK ATC manages the Royal Observatory Edinburgh Visitor Centre, whose inspirational programmes include the UK Dark Sky Discovery initiative to engage schools and communities across the UK.


The Observatory site is shared with the Institute for Astronomy of the University of Edinburgh, creating a vibrant mix of astronomers, students and engineers.

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